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what you all up on my couthness fo'?

everywhere i go i want to travel by x-wing

sean nash affiliate
5 June
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too lazy to put in info, perhaps later.

i'm a whore for interpunk.


80s teen movies, adicts, adolescents, all out war, anal cunt, animu, apocalypse babys, aqua teen hunger force, army of flying robots, being a masshole, bikini kill, billy idol, black flag, blanks 77, bloc party, boys, bright eyes, built to spill, caffeine, cat power, caustic resin, cheap sex, choking victim, circle jerks, circle pits, clothes i can't afford, cock sparrer, conflict, constructivism, crass, cute stuff, dance dance revolution, dancing, dangeresque, dave chappelle, dead boys, dead kennedys, dimitri martin, din 1451, drag queens, edward gorey, elliott smith, endless struggle, enemy, false prophets, family guy, fang, ferris bueller, flcl, franz kafka, fugazi, futurama, gbh, gg allin, gogo, harry potter, ice cream, invader zim, jello biafra, jon stewart, junko mizuno, katamari damacy, kicking ass, klaus nomi, labyrinth, leftover crack, lower class brats, manga, manservant hecubus, mark ryden, marshmallow fluff, mclusky, mean girls, michael ian black, midnight creeps, minor threat, misfits, monty python's flying circus, motherfucker, mst3k, my danelectro bass, mystery science theater 3000, napoleon dynamite, nyan nyan nyanko, old school punk, partying, pavement, peach girl, piercings, pixies, princess bride, prismacolors, procrastinating, punk, punk rock, quentin tarantino, ramones, rancid, ratatat, reagan youth, rene magritte, rocking out, rudimentary peni, rumiko takahashi, sebadoh, series of unfortunate events, sex pistols, sexalicious sexy sex, sham 69, shellac, shonen knife, slaughter and the dogs, social distortion, sonic youth, star wars, stella, stiv bators, strongbad, sub hum ans, sublime, superchunk, teen girl squad, tenacious d, the adicts, the adverts, the cheat, the clash, the defects, the germs, the hives, the horrorpops, the misfits, the pillows, the rapture, the rogers sisters, the simpsons, the strokes, the unseen, the vibrators, the virus, toxic narcotic, turbo a.c.'s, tv smith, twilight zone, weetzie bat, wyld stallyns, xp-tan