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2+ feet of snow and...


so yeah, luckily i dont have to leave on a 7am boat tomorrow like i thought. my stuff(aside from my compy and ps2, cus they might freeze and die) is leaving tho ;___; and then i will either take a later boat tomorrow if the weathers nice, and GO TO WRENTHAM AND GO SHOPPING!!!!1111, or take a 7am boat on tuesday. i really really hope i get off-island(yes, thats how we refer to the rest of the world. no joke.) tomorrow, cus i need new jeans like a muthafucka.

so much of this seems like such bs to me. but maybe its just not my taste? i mean, i do like a lot of the artists on that list, but it just seems so..tame overall.

so, without further ado:

in no particular order...
1. built to spill-perfect from now on
2. pavement-crooked rain crooked rain
3. pixies-doolittle
4. mclusky-do dallas
5. sublime-(self-titled)
6. bright eyes-lifted, or the story is in the soil...
7. dead kennedys-fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
8. marcy playground-(self-titled)
9. beastie boys-pauls boutique
10. the strokes-is this it
11. superchunk-incidental music 1991-95
12. elliott smith-from a basement on the hill
13. quasi-featuring 'birds'
14. weezer-(self-titled(blue album))
15. rocky horror picture show-soundtrack
16. shellac-at action park
17. the rogers sisters-three fingers
18. ramones-rocket to russia
19. sonic youth-experimental jet set, trash and no star
20. sebadoh-harmacy
21. jimi hendrix-electric ladyland
22. the clash-combat rock/london calling
23. doug martsch-now you know
24. modest mouse-the lonesome crowded west
25. the beatles-revolver

ok, resisting the urge to edit the hell outta this. hehe, did i just make a meme??

now time for packing. i feel like i'm bringing a lot more stuff back to school than i brought home. anybody else notice this?
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