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killing time...with NUMCHUCKS AND A SHOTGUN

i have geometry at 6 with peter-jackson-hobo-man. i'm thinking about going over to guitar center and playing for a little while before class. i only have like, an hour and a half tho. not like i'm gonna be there that long at all, but...yeah.

carlos called me last night at like 2:30 or so. we talked about a bunch of stuff, and he said i seem pretty smart ^_^; i really needed to hear that. i feel like a retarded idiot about 90% of the time. maybe more. then he tried, sneakily, to get me to say it was ok for him to drive to the store drunk to get smokes. i was like WROOOOOOONG. i dont want him to like, kill a kid or something and then it was my fault cus i said its ok for him to drive. reread that sentance. no, seriously, do it. count the tenses!

i fucking missed my 8:30 class this morning. FUCK. i woke up after 10. FUCKFUCKFUCK.

perhaps i shall go try to track down amar now, cus he owes me $6(at $1.50/beer).
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