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happy i-hate-boys day~

happy valentininines day, everybody <3

OMG i was about to KILL MYSELF in illustrator class. sooo....boring.....ehh, i dont mind computer classes so much tho, cus i get to listen to music the whole time. and speaking of killing oneself, i. am. so. depressed. its a little better right now tho, thankfully.

i got a piiiieeeercing XD...

and in case you cant tell that i'm wearing the hottest shirt EVAR:

yeah. i am. oh how i love thee, h+m <3

oh yeah, any dorm kids wanna make cookies? i got some heart-type cookie dough stuff at tha dolla store earlier. should be good fun.

also: feb 25, CBGB: TV SMITH(of the adverts!!!!) and MIDNIGHT CREEPS. and other bands i havnt heard of. go with me, biatches!
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