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ok so yeah. i gotta write this in list form because i dont have enough brain power right now for um....paragraphs.

1. my hair changed color once again. i shall post pics once i take some. and when i was on my way to class this morning at like 8am this old lady commented on it, and i couldnt quite hear/comprehend what she said, so i just like, smiled and nodded and walked away. but looking back on it, i think she was saying, "god didnt make blue for hair" or something.

2. last night i finished all my homework BEFORE 10o'clock, BITCHES. WOOT. and "a funny thing happened on the way back from kinkos," but i dont really wanna type all that. too much work.

3. damn, this is like the 5th time i've started to post before realizing that i have absolutely nothing to say. at all.

without further ado, aim transcript time!(all the cool kids are doing it.)

this be piercing related, in case you were confused.
aleah0586 (1:05:20 AM): my lil sister is gonna flip i think
aleah0586 (1:05:47 AM): cus shes all "wtf ur hair is strange colors you are wierd loser."
aleah0586 (1:05:51 AM): alllllllll the time
txtbkpupils (1:06:07 AM): hahah
txtbkpupils (1:06:12 AM): thats great.
txtbkpupils (1:06:26 AM): but you are a weird loser.
txtbkpupils (1:06:38 AM): and your hair is funny colors.
aleah0586 (1:06:45 AM): hahahaha
txtbkpupils (1:06:47 AM): BE PROUD. WEAR IT LIKE A BADGE.
aleah0586 (1:06:49 AM): i know!
aleah0586 (1:06:56 AM): YAY FOR LOSERS!
txtbkpupils (1:07:01 AM): woot woo!

i dont have class at all tomorrow, and my dad is in town and is going to buy me not only FOOD, but additionally SCHOOL SUPPLIEZ. and we had dinner tonight at this really good indian food place and now i have LEFTOVAS. ahhhhhh fooooood. and i get to see danny and catie(my cousin/his wife) tomorrow probably. i never see them, which is wierd cus they live in bklyn and danny works really close to school i think. and caties pregnant!!! and thankfully, i am proud to report that i am not. cus i was a little worried for a week or so there.

um....yeah i really, really, need a CHEAP SEX CD. who's up for generation records in the near near future?
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