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um yeah...
so katamari damacy owns my soul. FUH REALZ.

and somebody best come with me to the concert(midnight creeps, tv smith @CBGB's) on friday. i'm wicked excited about it anyway, cus its gonna be fun as hell, but i still would rather go with a friend.

my parents havn't put any money in my account still, so i have $12.61 or so in my checking account, and maybe $25-30 cash. i really really dont want to ask them for money, cus i feel like i bug them about it too much. god, i must look like such a fucking asshole, bitching about how my parents need to give me money. i need a job bad.

and there are some cd's i really want, too.
fuck, all bloc party has out so far are flippin' import cd singles for like $25.99 apiece, according to amazon. i went to virgin megastore in times square last week, and surprisingly, they had lots of good music(eater, fang, the germs, cocksparrer, etc,i dont really remember what else plus i didnt really get past G) but i really dont want to buy from them. i'd rather go to a local-type record store, with like, cool people who work there and stuff. not big corperate conglomerate scumbag who charges $2.50 at their ATMs. is that wierd?

i spent about an hour total on the 3-hour self portrait we had to do for life drawing, and we had about a week to do it rofflezzzz; it is due tomorrow. then my legs really started to hurt, cus the only big mirror we have is on teh bathroom door, so i was kind of sitting in a corner by the bathtub. so i had to stop drawing lol. i suck at drawing from life. it doesnt look like me O_O

i have discovered, through my 3D design class, that i really like the measuring-drafting-geometry-making models out of bristol part of design. i'm like, excited about making a dodecahedron. yes, i probably am insane, thanks for pointing that out. but it makes me think that maybe i should go into architecture like 85% of my family(srsly~ great-grandfather, both parents, cousin, cousins wife, i'm sure there are more). i dont know. i dont know if i would want to be an architect "when i grow up." thats a lot of responsibility, it seems. then again, i'm not so sure about this whole graphic design thang either. FUCK, I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE. FUCK. I THOUGHT I HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT. JDFLKSEUFIDFSL. i guess you just finish school and start working and do what you know, and its not that big a deal in the end. i guess....
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