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thats why her hair is so big, its full of secrets.

soooo, friday night i went to the creeps show at CB's, and met some awesome people from LJ(shoutitout85,melanigreen,comrade_m) and slammed and/or moshed like there was no tomorrow. for a while we hung out by the scariest bathrooms evar and talked and whatnot, i almost got kicked out for smoking w/ pam(btw, does anyone know if she's on lj?), went upstairs for some of the bloodstain kings set, i think. they were ok. danced with pat a lot during the turbo ACs :D who were surprisingly excellent. then OMGWTF MIDNIGHT CREEPS <3 x 1000000. and TV Smith was friggin' awesome too, he played some old adverts stuff, which was cool :D
god, that show made me so happy. i've got bruises all over and it was totally worth it.

yesterday i met donna at kates joint, and i was a million hours late cus the motherfucking L train sucks balls. i got disco fries, which are magical and wondrous. we saw the Nomi Song, which was magical and wondrous as well. but sad. Klaus Nomi is fucking amazing, and i think i saw one of his cds at kims the other day, and when i was there today i couldnt find it :( but i did steal some songs off a website.

did/attempted to do homework, went to whole foods, fought crime with my lasso of truth(dur), went to st marks and got cds.
- Bloc Party FULL LENGTH IMPORT!! woot. it was supposed to be liek $27(GASP) but kims is doing a 25% off thing right now, so it was less.
- Cheap Sex-Headed for a Breakdown
- Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters/In god we Trust, inc.

(somewhat edited for awesomeness)
Theotransient (12:01:38 AM): are you anti steal music?
Theotransient (12:01:41 AM): mp3?
aleah0586 (12:01:50 AM): they block ports at school
Theotransient (12:01:58 AM): ewwwww
Theotransient (12:02:07 AM): i could so get round that
aleah0586 (12:02:25 AM): ooh, are you a badass h4x0r?
aleah0586 (12:02:27 AM): lol
Theotransient (12:02:32 AM): word
Theotransient (12:03:14 AM): dont get to close i might just h4x0r in your pants

EDIT: so wrong. and yet hilarious.
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