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POLITICS AHOY. yes, aleah has a brain. i didn't know that either.

yesterday, by which i mean tuesday, i ditched homework and went to an antiwar activist meeting. because of that, i was up till 5 trying to finish shit, but oh well. the meeting was really interesting, and they showed a documentary about palestinian women who were freedom fighters. it was INTENSE. i honestly don't know very much about the israel-palestine conflict, but i do NOT support israel. their oppression of the palestinian people is really messed up and wrong.

i got lots of stickers and fliers at the meeting, and had lots of fun stickering up the subway station on my way home. more stickering to come :D

but really, everyone who can make it should participate in the protest on march 19th.

Central Park, NYC
Noon, East Meadow(97th st & 5th)

the meetings leading up to it are at 39 w. 14th st(b/t 5th & 6th) #206 on tuesdays at 7pm. there is free food. there's also a youth meeting this thursday at 6:30pm, which i can't get to, but hopefully some of you can?

sorry to go all political on you guys like that. but somebody's gotta do it ^_^;

in other news, i made a mix cd last night entitled "fuckin' kickass rock'n'roll." cus i'm cool like that.
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